Join a global crowdsourced storytelling initiative in support of agrobiodiversity!

How will we feed the planet in 2050? Rapid population growth has increased global competition for food and natural resources. Climate change and water scarcity threaten those who grow our food, while worldwide competition for arable land continues to intensify.

Bold new initiatives are needed to feed the planet. Globally, we must eat less meat and adopt more plant-based diets, but instead of growing a more diverse range of foods to meet this challenge, our crops are becoming more uniform: of our planet’s 30,000+ edible plants, we now cultivate fewer than 150. Today, over half the world’s plant-based nutrition comes from just three crops.

This threat to global biodiversity has put our food systems at risk, endangering our health and weakening our response to climate change.

Farmers across the globe are reawakening, with many of them returning to crops that offer their communities greater economic self-reliance, enhanced food security, lower health costs, and increased resilience in the face of climate change.

Will you help them share their story of reawakening?

Your opportunity. Filmmakers, artists, writers, and photographers are joining food systems experts from across the globe in defense of agrobiodiversity.

You can work in tandem with The Lexicon on an unprecedented initiative to support agrobiodiversity. The initiative features partners working in every sector of global food systems. Together, these “food stories without borders” will capture amazing crops with the power to combat hunger, support indigenous cultures, respond to climate change, promote biodiversity, provide women with livelihoods, and support healthier and more secure food systems.

Join us. A select group of storytellers will be offered fellowships to participate in The Lexicon’s virtual Reawakened Total Storytelling Lab.

Led by Douglas Gayeton, The Lexicon’s co-founder and chief lexicographer, the lab will offer a free online certificate program that provides Lexicon Fellows with world-class tools for telling and sharing inspiring stories of food system transformation. Upon completing the program, they will join farmers, chefs, agronomists, scientists, and food system experts from around the globe in creating stories for the Reawakened Global Storytelling Initiative.

Images shown here are by participants in previous LexiconLabs across the globe, including collaborations with Future Food Institute and UNISG.

What you’ll see. We’ll help you capture inspiring stories of farmers and food producers in your own communities, from Europe to Asia to Africa, and across the Americas.

Our team will connect you with international experts to help you find stories of forgotten super crops that put your community on a path to economic self-reliance, greater food security, lower health costs, increased resilience in the face of climate change, and nutrient security.

What you’ll make. Reawakened Fellows will learn a variety of total storytelling skills, including short films, podcasts, and content expressly for social media. For photographers and illustrators, this can include making information artworks.

Information artwork examples by LexiconLab, an international gathering of storytellers working in collaboration with The Lexicon and Italy’s Future Food Institute: Mottainai by Julia Marino (Japan);  Low-intensity grass-fed cattle by Julia Scherzl (Ireland); A New Agora by Caterina Romanelli (France); Dungewasser Superfood by Viola Bärwald (Germany); The Right to Roam by Anja Bergersen (Norway); Yeast Pushers by Alberto Miti (Italy).

How we’ll distribute your work. Reawakened will utilize an unprecedented grassroots approach to accelerate global awareness in support of agrobiodiversity.

As with all our initiatives, we create websites, podcasts, short film series, and even books. And Instead of making large prints for single traveling exhibits, The Lexicon prints MANY copies of smaller works, in multiple languages, then creates collections of these images to enable many simultaneous pop-up exhibits.

Reawakened pop-up shows will concentrate on exhibits held in popular gathering places: farms, schools, libraries, city halls, and farmers markets. In the past ten years, the Lexicon has held over 2000 exhibits in North America and Europe using our crowdsourcing strategy and we expect an even larger audience for Reawakened.

Join Reawakened’s Global Storytelling Initiative!

Congratulations! We look forward to having you join this journey. We will get back to you shortly with more information on the Initiative and don’t forget to check out the Initiative’s eligibility and submission requirements.