Single-Use Materials Accelerator


Richard Swannell


WRAP Global

Single-Use Materials Accelerator

Richard is an environmental scientist by training and has a strong expertise in leading teams delivering more resource efficient and sustainable practices within businesses, tackling plastics pollution, on reducing food waste and increasing recycling. He is Director of WRAP GLOBAL, a business unit of WRAP- a UK charity, at the forefront of the circular economy – thought leaders, champions of action and catalysts for change.

When Richard joined WRAP he led the team that created and delivered the innovative ‘Courtauld Commitment’ – the first agreement of its kind between WRAP and UK supermarket retailers committed to an ambitious and collaborative approach to packaging and food waste reduction. He has been responsible for the success of 11 voluntary agreements in the UK and has led the team that has helped establish Plastic Pacts in 4 continents around the world, and helped partners tackle food waste in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Collectively these agreements have reduced waste by millions of tonnes, saved billions of pounds, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by tens of millions of tonnes.