Single-Use Materials Accelerator


Nathan Gassmann

Manager of Global Sustainability


Single-Use Materials Accelerator

Nathan Gassmann is Manager of Global Sustainability at Subway restaurants and also serves as the North America sustainability implementation lead.  Sustainability is a relatively new global function at Subway, as of 2017, so Nate and his team are in the process of shaping the agenda and their priority areas, which will focus on Promoting Well-being, Preserving our Planet, and Building Stronger Communities.

In his role, Nate is responsible for developing strategies and leading execution across cross functional teams at Subway, specifically in the North America market.  Nate and his global colleagues are in the process of laying the brand’s sustainability foundation by writing global policy, which will be followed by regional commitments and communication plans across business units.

Nate has held prior roles with PepsiCo’s Global Office of Sustainability, both in the PMO function and the sustainable packaging strategy group.  Nate is also passionate about the nexus of sports and sustainability, with experience working on and leading projects at sporting events such as the College Football Playoff Championship, the Super Bowl, and the NFL Draft.

Nate is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability and he maintains a Total Resource Use Efficiency (TRUE) certificate.