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Sue Daugherty



Food is Medicine Accelerator

Sue joined MANNA in December 1999 as a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN). Sue was instrumental in MANNA’s shift from providing comfort and care to those dying from AIDS into an organization helping people with over 85 different illnesses through nutrition counseling and home-delivered medically appropriate meals.

At MANNA, Sue has held several positions prior to being appointed Chief Executive Officer in 2014, including Director of Nutrition and Client Services, Chief Operating Officer, and Executive Director. Sue garnered national recognition in June 2013 when she co-authored a key study, “Examining Health Care Costs Among MANNA Clients and a Comparison Group” published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. This research study examined the health care cost savings associated with MANNA’s model and has ongoing impact on nutrition policy nationwide.

Sue has presented MANNA’s work at conferences and meetings across the United States including the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo, Harvard University’s Food as Medicine Symposium, Tulane University’s Culinary Medicine Conference, and the Root Cause Coalition’s National Summit on Social Determinants of Health. She has also testified in front of the United States Congress.

Sue served as a board member of Association of Nutrition Service Agencies (ANSA) from 2010-2012 and currently is co-chair of the national Food Is Medicine Coalition.  Other accolades include, the 2015 Jefferson College of Population Health Education Hero Award, Comcast’s Newsmakers selection, the Cancer Treatment Center’s America Caregiver Women of the Week Award, and Bank of America’s Neighborhood Builders Award.